Why Visit

Exhibition Scale 
As the brand exhibition, “2018 China (Nanjing) BeiDou Satellite Navigation Application Expo&BeiDou Summit Forum” will cover around 30000㎡. It is predicted that more than 400 exhibitors and 30000 visitors will come.

Exhibition Range

1.Satellite Navigation and Navigation Technologies: BDS/GPS/GLONASS/, Satellite Navigation, BDS/GPS/GLONASS/Detection;Satellite and Positioning Service, Satellite Navigation Signals and Signals Processing,Precision Navigation, Indoor Positioning, GNSS Augmentation, User Terminals, Inertial Navigation, GNSS+ Applications

2.BDS/GPS/GLONASS Chips, Modules, Board Card, Antennas and Terminal Devices;Communication Chips, Modules, Board Card, Antennas and Terminal Devices (Communication Station, Handset, Satellite Phone, Walkie Talkie, Relay Station)

3.Civil-Military Communication: Satellite Communication, Mobile Communication, Microwave Communication, Quantum Communication, Cluster Communication

4.Surveying and Mapping Equipment, Geo- information, Mobile Measurement, Remote Sensing and Telemetry, 3D Laser, 3D Panorama and Ancillary Facility, Related Accessories

5.City Planning and Management: Smart City and Solutions, New Smart city Planning, City Transformation, City Operation and Supervision, Smart Government, Smart City Construction, Environment Monitoring and Government

6.IoT Tech Applications:Smart Building,Intelligent Park, Smart Home, Mobility and Traffic, Internet of Vehicles, Geo-information, Intelligent Identification and some other IoT technologies applications and solutions

7.Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart life:Smart Home, Cars, Wearable devices, UAV, Robot;Information Interconnection, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, VR/AR, Industrial Designing, Smart Space-time, Smart work, Smart Medical Treatment, Smart Travelling, Smart Payment, Smart Agriculture, Culture Creativity, Smart recreation tech and products

8.Smart Transportation:Internet of Vehicles, Information Acquisition, Transportation Information Platform, Data Analysis, Mining and Management, Transportation Information Service, Passenger Flow and Logistics Information, City Public Transport Management,Parking Management System, Emergency Road Rescue, Positioning Equipment for Automobile, Traffic Management and Law Enforcement, Road Traffic Safety, Highway Informatization, Port Information Management and other related creative ideas, techs and products

9.Cloud Computing and Big Data:Chips and Software Platform Development for Cloud Computing, Communication Network Devices and Service in Cloud Computing, Government Data, Data Center Construction and Operation, Data Storage, Cloud Service, Network Information Safety, Industry Information Solution; Financial Informatization, Medical Treatment Informatization, Education Informatization, Industrial Informatization; Data Acquisition, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Big Data Information Security and other facilities and Techs


1.National satellite navigation and satellite communication industry distinguished guests, experts and academicians, Jiangsu provincial and Nanjing government leaders


2.Government agencies, army forces, enterprise and public institutions and research academic experts which come from the industries such as: Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communication, RS, Monitoring, Power, Land Sources, Geological and Ming, Reconnaissance, Traffic, Hydraulic Engineering , Marine Engineering, Architectural Engineering,  Environment Protection, Forestry, Designing Institute and so on


3.Satellite Navigation ,Satellite Communication, Surveying mapping & Geoinformation related government agencies, related enterprises, distributors, test&service unit, associations, medias


4.Related enterprises and users of  Satellite Navigation and Satellite Communication Industry Applications, software technician researches, System Integration(SI); related major academic delegation

5.Related government leaders, enterprises, distributors, and users from the field of Smart City, Smart Vehicle, IoT, Big Data, Communications, Emergency Security, UAV,  Land Planning, City Construction, Power & Telecommunications, Defense & Security, Water Resources & Hydrology, and Outdoor Adventure

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